Our Mission

The purpose of the Kosher Food Club (henceforth abbreviated as KFC) is to provide kosher food to MIT students, faculty, and other community members. Kosher food is food that adheres to a set of dietary standards dictated by Judaism, which include both restrictions on particular types of food as well as a system of trust for verifying that these laws were followed faithfully by food providers. Many of those who opt for kosher food do so for religious reasons, as dietary rules are an integral part of a number of faiths (e.g. Judaism, Islam, some branches of Christianity, Hinduism, and others). In addition, other consumers choose kosher foods for health, mindfulness, cultural, and/or social justice considerations, due to the attention that kosher laws place on knowing the contents of one’s food, ethical treatment of livestock, and the strict segregation of meat and dairy products from each other and from other foods. The KFC acknowledges this diversity of reasons that community members may be interested in kosher food, and we are committed to providing kosher food to all interested parties and thereby enriching their experience at MIT.

The KFC will hold regular food events where KFC members can eat kosher food together in a friendly, social setting. Members of the MIT community who eat exclusively kosher food cannot usually attend the myriad of social free food events around campus, since there are rarely food options that they can eat at these events, so the KFC believes it to be important to have analogous events where the food is kosher so that members who are committed to eating only kosher food can still participate.

The KFC will also educate the MIT community about what kosher food is and why many community members are passionate about it. It is important for there to be a general awareness of kosher food in order for those who run events through other organizations to consider adding kosher options, and doing so in line with the actual rules of kosher. We hope that this will make the MIT community more welcoming for those who prioritize kosher food, and will increase the number of kosher options that are available throughout campus.